My Alice Top – Mark 2

Since making it last month, my striped Alice Top has been on a high and heavy rotation. You know that go-to wardrobe staple that is your immediate, feel good and comfortable one? Yeah, that’s my Alice. And so I had to sew another one, of course. In (mostly) black, of course.

To break up the black, I wanted a colourful contrast for the front yoke. In my continuing efforts to bust the stash, I found a couple of metres of this Jacquard Trim that I bought a few months ago. At the time of purchase, I loved it but had no specific plan (sound familiar?) but this pattern solved that little problem.

I sewed six 35cm lengths together and blockfused the back with a lightweight interfacing. I also staystiched the edges immediately after cutting out my pattern piece to prevent fraying. The black linen I used is our Hanky Black Jin. As with my first version, I chose not to interface the armhole bands so that they stay all nice and linen-y soft.

While we’re on this pattern, I went away with some girlfriends on the weekend for some fine company and a little sewing as well. We brought some Alice love along with us too and here’s my mate Manda’s gorgeous white version made up in our cotton/viscose Gallen Pattern Weave

Ah, Alice…you’re a keeper.