Style 3315 in Liberty Scharing Tana

Without fail, every new delivery of seasonal Libertys will have me crushing over one particular print. When we received our latest range six weeks ago, that print was Scharing Tana Purple.

Pretty quickly, I settled on the idea of a sleeveless shirt and then went on a merry pattern-hunting jaunt to find something that matched the vision. I didn’t find a shirt pattern but I did find Style 3315 and the top part of view A was exactly what I had in mind. With my limited experience on the shirtmaking front, the absence of a placket/buttons totally sealed the deal.
During the cutting stage, I spent a paaaaainful amount of time pattern-matching and when I joined up the two CF pieces, this happened…
So, yes, when it comes to matching checks apparently you CAN overthink it. Anyhoo, it’s a clean matching seam and enough kind souls have said they didn’t even notice it so I’ll move right along, notch that one down to sewing experience and try not to twitch every time I put it on. For the shoulder strips, I cut them on the cross because – let’s be frank friends – that meant two less pieces I needed to pattern match.
When it came to assembling the collar there were some major stumbles in addition to extensive unpicking and, sure, throw some cathartic swearing in there as well. But, as is often the sewing way, persistance paid off and the end result more than made up for the rough sewing journey that this shirt took me on. Now I’ve got me a sweet, spring-y shirt and I’ll just wait patiently for some warmth to go along with it. 

PS. This Liberty print also comes in blue.