Ruby Tuesday (with mods)

After my Butterick 6178 love fest, I shifted my sewing plans to tops. More specifially, tops that I could wear with culottes. Being a slim fit, flat front and true-waisted pant, I figured a cropped style would work really well as you don’t have the fabric bulk that you usually get when tucking tops or shirts in. I came across a RTW top and took some cheeky snaps in the fitting room. You’ve done that, right? The top was pretty similar to our Ruby Top but there were a few simple differences that I wanted to try out by modifiying our pattern. These were a shorter length, more cut away armholes, a slightly higher neckline, inside binding, a centre back zip and more flare. 
To add swing and fullness, I slashed the pattern on both front and back and added 6cm into each piece. I removed 10cm from the length and where Real Ruby has a narrow hem, this one’s got a deeper 4cm one. Because I cut further into the armhole, I raised the armscye by 1cm (below). Retrospectively, I could’ve added some more. You can see from theses image that I also raised the neckline as well.

For the back, and because I wanted to add an invisible zip, I cut two pieces instead of cutting on the fold. For no reason in particular, I used the selvedge ends down the centre back seam.  

For the neck and armhole bindings (which are on the inside, as opposed
to the exposed binding of our Ruby pattern) I used a black silky number
from the stash. It was suitably fine for this purpose and self binding
would’ve been way too bulky.

The main fabric is our viscose/spandex Biscuit Toppings. It’s a stretchy, weighty, crepe-y beauty and I have LOVED it since it hit our stores back in July.

So there you go. Same same Ruby but different Ruby too. And perfect for my beloved Butterick 6178s and Esther Shorts as well.