For Paddy – vintage Simplicity 6948

Here’s some Monday morning gorgeous for you because….CUTE! This is Paddy – newly minted one year old, prolific babbler, perpetually busy, happy (SO happy), lover of balls and son of my good friend Caroline. I first spied this sweetness over on Kelli’s blog and decided to make Paddy a pair of linen overalls for his 1st birthday. Truly, there’s an irrestible abundance of kids vintage patterns available on both Etsy and eBay and *sigh* kids in overalls. Does it get any more adorable?


I managed to hunt down the same pattern Kelli used – vintage Simplicity 6948 – and the fabrics were both from the stash. The main one is a fine blue and white linen check (as used over on this Jac Shirt) and the facings are a Liberty tana lawn.

See that bit of white stitching just below the diamond on the back?

Yeah, I made a little mistake there but Paddy doesn’t mind. He’s just pretty focused on showing you how well he can sit on his ball….

….and being really, really cute. Nice one Paddy (you too Caroline xx).