Vintage Style 1944 & A Sundress in September

Back in March, I went and got all deep(ish) and reflective about my pattern collection and the amount of sundress patterns within it. And then winter came and I just went and bought a few more because OF COURSE it makes perfect sense to buy sundress patterns in the middle of winter. Style 1944 was one of those. She drew me in like a mysterious magnet but it was really that cute front tie that got me.

Published in 1977, the envelope describes it as a ‘high-waisted dress, fastened at the back with zipper, has softly gathered skirt and deep “V” shaped neckline with bodice tied in front.’ I went with View 2, cut with an extended shoulder line, and included the hem ruffle that features on Views 1 and 3 because…well rrrrruffffffle.

The fabric is our 100% rayon Navy Alkire and, like this dress, is pure dreamy in the ‘feels’ department. Floaty, feathery and light, it feels pretty damn close to being naked whilst still being fully clothed. No, seriously. This stuff is PERFECT summer frock fabric.
I’ve banged on (and on and on) about my love for Style patterns before and this one’s absolutely no different. Size wise, the fit was spot on though there is a little pulling across the front of my shoulders. The bodice is fully lined and I went with an invisible zip through the back.
I’d originally thought I’d wear this without a bra but *insert perky and wishful thinking*. For me, Style 1944 is most definitely a ‘wear with the right bra’ kinda dress and, like Goldilocks trying out all them bear things, I eventually found one that was juuuuuust right. There’s also a little open peek-a-boo panel that sits just beneath the front tie. That gives a bit more allowance for tightening which definitely helps for extra support and the design hits just the right spot in my personal comfort zone pour la décolletage. Ooh la la.
I’m really, really happy with this dress. It feels like a different style for me and it’s always a nice change to move a little (or a lot) outside your wardrobe comfort zone. It’s crazy comfortable and I know it’ll be a hot day winner.
And so, after the dress success that was this little number I got to thinking about spring sewing and ALL my sundress patterns and decided to put forward a little challenge for the month of September. If you want to join in, all you need to do is sew a sundress and document your project along the way. There are no conditions, no prizes and certainly no pressure. 
We’re just doing this to drum up some group support and motivation to kick our summer sewing into first gear! You can share your images via Instagram or Facebook by using the hashtag #TFasundressinseptember.