Pant Love :: New Look 6459

Last year, my pant pattern crush was ALL about Butterick 6178 which I blogged here and here. For me, one clear benchmark of a Pattern Winner (aside from multiple makes, obvs) is whether or not I can recall the pattern number by heart. I’m not alone here, am I? And though I still (and probably always will) love you B6178, it’s time to step aside and make way for New Look 6459.

One make and she’s already settled herself into the (now very) limited brain space reserved for numbers and passwords.  Surely that MUST be saying something…

You guys, these pants are so good. I bought and filed the pattern away when I first pinned it back in May and then proceeded to watch some really lovely versions crop up all over the tempting interwebs  – Erica B, Sophie, Christy and Lindsey.

What initially drew me to the pattern was the slightly dressier appearance of the pant style. Fact is, you can dress it up or down with your fabric choice and the addition (or not) of a crease. Also…POCKETS!

For this pair I went with linen in our Hartford Vicuna. It’s a most delicious, nutty, cinnamon shade that goes with all my perennial wardrobe colour faves – black, white, navy, grey and khaki. I made a straight size 10 with no alterations. Like the pattern cover image, I wanted them to be more crop pant than culotte, so for my 160cm/5’3″ height I’ve given them a pretty deep 5.5cm hem.

As is my general (and quicker) preference, I finished the invisible zip at the top of the waistband. That’s really just my usual (and slightly inaccurate) waistband MO so I can avoid sewing on any kind of hook closure (if you do this, don’t forget to get a slightly longer zip than the pattern recommendation). You’re welcome for that little tip.

Just as an aside, the black top that I’m wearing here is a pattern sample that we’ve ben playing around with. If it takes your fancy and is something you’d like to see us release, leave a comment here (or over on Instagram) as we’d love to know your thoughts.