The Maya Top

True story. Earlier this year we replaced the old cover of our Robbie Pants pattern with this photo below and since then, we’ve been fielding weekly queries asking us if the pattern is ours and/or where can I find it?

And so, with that volume of replies and a third version now under my belt, I thought it was high time to write down all the details in a blog post and give due homage to this most excellent pattern.

This is Marilla Walker’s Maya Top pattern with a few super simple modifications. I can’t take credit for this hack – there are loads of beautiful versions out there and unquestionably inspired by Elizabeth Suzann‘s beautiful Georgia Tee.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I don’t often make up a pattern multiple times. And if I do, it’s because…

A) it’s a relatively quick sew

B) it’s an easy, wardrobe go-to

C) it’s comfortable

D) all of the above

This top? Most definitely a hard D.

So here are my changes. The pattern has a neckline facing which I subbed for a double fold bias binding, as outlined in this tutorial. I made the body a little bit wider by extending both the centre back and front foldlines by half an inch, giving me an extra inch on both sides. I cut a size 2 and extended the sleeve out to size 6 length. The cuff pattern dimensions are 17cm x 36cm (the latter measurement is the sleeve circumference, plus seam allowance). All you need to do is sew the narrow ends together (with right sides together), fold in half and overlock/sew to the sleeve circumference. And that, lovely readers, is it!

My grey version was made up in a long stashed linen and the Spiced Stripe is unfortunately now sold out. My black tunic length version is made up in our Black Lave Linen.

The Maya Top is such a great, basic pattern and totally lends itself to a whole heap of simple hacks to make it your very own. Check out the hashtag on Instagram and you’ll see what I mean. Three Mayas down and I’m pretty sure I’m not done yet…