Butterick 6531 and the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pattern

2019 is definitely going down as my year of shirts and here’s one that came from absolute kindness.  A few months ago, Jasika posted a pic of this pattern on Instagram.

I left a comment confessing to some serious pattern envy and next thing you know, she’s put it an envelope and it’s in my hands. A “Sisterhood of the Travelling Pattern” as she so perfectly put it.

This pattern was published in the 80s and, as Jasika rightly noted in her blog post, it’s very Dad Shirt. And you know that dad fashion’s a thing right now? Written evidence here, here and here. Which means loose, oversized and comfortable which means I am most definitely ON board.

Favourite detail on this shirt? Those shoulder pleats that extend from the forward shoulder yoke. Hard to see in a print but awesome nonetheless. I made view C.  The sleeves are extended from the shoulders and finished with a band.  When it was all made and done, the sleeves felt too long so I took an inch off the length before re-attaching the band, which can be worn down…

…or turned back as a cuff.

I touched on my viscose love in my last post and this fabric choice fully backs up that crush. It’s a fabulous rope print called Who’s Tying Up Who, a Kenzo print as it turns out.

From what I could find, it was made up in a few different styles including this dress.

I’m wearing it with my Persephone Pants (blogged here) and they’re a pretty happy pattern pair. This shirt is a fabulous, easy style, a pretty straightforward sew and I will most definitely be making another.

Thanks so much Jasika x