My Sundress in September, but really October

Those of you who follow us on Instagram and Facebook will know that for the past few years we’ve been throwing out a little annual challenge to Sew a Sundress in September. It’s actually less about the challenge, more about the motivation. We just see it as a really nice way to welcome the warmer season minus any strings attached. Here are my makes from 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018…well that one got away.

This year I chose a vintage pattern – Style 4338. Original plans were to make it up in a plain linen but a nagging feeling to try something different led me to this dreamy Italian viscose called Daisy Squares. Well-known fact – I love linen. But I am fast becoming a very big viscose fan because it just feels sooo lovely to wear.

I took my good, sweet time cutting this one out. Not just because it moves around a bit but also because of those checks. I’m pretty thrilled with the alignment of the wrap front and ended up using two snap fasteners to keep everything squared up.

I’m not usually one for a calico but I find that when making any wrap style garment, there’s a high probability of gaping. This pattern was no exception so *phew* for the toile because I ended up removing quite a bit of excess in the front.

After I’d attached the skirt and because of the check design, I noticed that the lines beneath the waistband were angling downwards towards one of my hips which just didn’t look right. I asked that question that all sewists inevitably ask themselves at some point in some project – is this going to shit me? – and the answer was most definitely a hard yes. In the end, I had to lift the skirt just a little (beneath the waistband) so that the lines run parallel with the waistband. Much better. Much happier.

I’m so happy with how this dress turned out. I love the style and that sweet daisy print. But even more, I love how it feels on. It’s soft and drapey and light and that skirt is pure, floaty, goodness. So yes, I missed that September deadline. But if it’s anything like this similar dress I made back in 2013 and still wear all the time, I’ll be getting some good wear out of this one in years and years to come.