A modified Lisa Dress

Last summer, my favourite go-to dress on the hottest of hot days was this one and if I’d catalogued my most worn makes of 2018, my Romy Top-to-Dress would’ve unquestionably made the top 5. I loved the fuller length and the subtle a-line silhouette that keeps the fabric from touching your body because that’s all I really want and need from my clothing on a stinking hot day.

Another summer favourite for that very same reason is my Lisa Dress. My original navy version is well loved, well worn and well faded and I still wear it ALL the time. That’s a pretty sweet testament to a pattern that has just passed the five year mark since its release date.

The seed for this modified version version was planted when I saw – and promptly saved – these two Instagram posts. First there was Gemma’s dress (left) and then later, Kylie’s beautiful black and white version which I fell straight up in love with and basically knocked off  (thanks Kylie! x).

For this dress I used our Eze Licorice linen. It’s a beautiful mid-weight linen that also comes in these colourways.

I played around with the skirt proportions until they felt right for my height. The mid section length, which finishes at the top of my knees, measures 65cm from centre front bodice and the lower ruffle is 26cm long to the selvedge. I doubled the hem width for the ruffle circumference. Like this dress, I decided on using the selvedge at the hem because cute selvedge and shortcut.

We’ve got some new linens arriving very soon so you can bet this won’t be the last linen sundress I’ll be sewing this season.