Pattern Review – Vogue 8229

This great Vogue pattern 8229 started it all…. I mean started this Sew Tessuti blog. I had always liked this pattern and thought I’d go on the internet to see if there were any reviews on it. That’s when I stumbled upon Christina’s versions of both styles in 3 different ways and her wonderful Assorted Notions blog. Then I discovered the whole world of blogland and became hooked!!!! What a great community it creates with like-minded virtual friends sharing and admiring each others creations. It is so inspiring to see some very talented and creative people out there – of all age groups and sewing levels – and it is just the thing to get us sewing…because if they can do it, so can we!!

So I decided to start Sew Tessuti and contribute by showing all of our talented Tessuti customers and their wares, adding pattern reviews (not to be mistaken with the great Pattern Review site) and keeping everyone updated on what’s new at Tessuti – with some inspiration and sewing tips thrown in. The tips are coming…I just can’t keep up with all the great creations that come through our stores. But I would love to hear from you and to find out what you would like to know more about.

Back to the Vogue 8229 review ….when I went to visit the girls at ‘Sit’n’Sew’, Margot was wearing this great pattern!!! This time I got to see view A made up with the ruffle, which initially I thought I wouldn’t like but after seeing Margot’s dress I do! She has done such a fabulous job. Margot made it up in our 100% textured cotton ‘Putty Slub’, a medium weight cotton. You probably can’t notice the raised textured weave in this fabric which is what gives it the look of slubbed linen. It is a great base cloth for all garments and we stock it in a few different colours.

Then she used our very popular 100% cotton mesh with appliqued cotton bias trim embroidery for the neck facing. Margot also made a matching sleeveless vest in the mesh to be worn over the top of her stylish dress.

I will definitely be making up one of these for our upcoming buying trip to Italy in June.

Worth a mention is that Margot won 3rd prize in our 2007 Tessuti Awards with this great outfit. We will be letting you know about this year’s event very soon. It’s going to be very exciting and much bigger than our inaugural event last year. Expect some very big surprises!!! Stay tuned for that….and keep September free in your diaries – the exact date TBA.