SMH article (and a nice little plug!)

I was thrilled to read this article in Wednesday’s edition of The Sydney Morning Herald.

Even if we didn’t score a mention (but we did! See first and last paragraphs), I think there should be more articles like this. It sums up the satisfaction that is sewing – sure it’s nice to buy a great piece of clothing but when you can actually make it yourself at half/third/quarter of the price, pour some time, attention, passion (and a few grey hairs?) into it, well, how satisfying is that? And how much richer are we for it if the craft is passed on by someone dear to us?

I’ve touched on this in an earlier post, but I grew up in a home where fashion and clothing and fabric was everywhere and everything. Days and nights and dreams were filled with the ‘snip snip’ of scissors on fabric, the whir of a sewing machine and endless measurements against tape measures. Buttons, pins, threads (forever pulling them off my clothing – still am), stashes, scraps. And here I am. Happily.

So go on, tell me what (who?) it was that ignited your flame for sewing.