Pattern Review – New Look 6972

More Liberty. This one’s for Miss R, stepdaughter and most patient of recipients (well, as patient as 6 year olds go). Over the last year, any time she’s seen me sewing, she’s asked “is that for me?”. It’s mighty satisfying (and silencing) to finally answer in the affirmative.

Overall, it was a pretty easy pattern. I eliminated the pockets and the little ‘groove’ (technical sewing term, that) running along the base of the yoke. I have a love/hate relationship with both pleats and gathers and I stumbled a bit over the latter.

But she loves that the frills ‘look like little wings’ so I’m moving on from the trauma that was those. The fabric is Isla Rose Taupe (sold out in this colourway but still available in Multi) tana lawn.

R’s happy, and all is well. Because no one likes a wicked stepmother…