The Skirt of Spot

As we worked behind the scenes in the lead-up to the Tessuti Awards, there was much discussion, planning, conversations, ideas and thoughts around the theme of ‘Spots and Stripes’. Stripes, I’ve always loved ’em (and always will). Spots, on the other hand, take ’em or leave ’em. Until now.

Earlier this year, I started weekly sewing lessons with Vikki Leigh Martin. Really, I just got so tired of hearing that little voice in my head – mid-project – saying “Lisa, I’m sure there’s a better way to do this” (or, conversely, “you *&%$! fool…why did you just DO that!?”). And let’s not forget the fact that now – for at least a minimum of two hours a week – it’s just me and my sewing machine. Sewing. We’re good like that. I’ve gone right back to beginner basics and, being predominantly self-taught, have already learnt so much. This skirt was my first project proper, and is modified from this (OOP) Simplicity pattern, part of Vikki’s Start to Sew 1 course.

The back zipper is lapped (my first lapped zip!) and the skirt has a kick pleat (my first kick pleat!). The fabric is Lappi Black Spot, a cotton/elastane that provides the perfect weight for a fitted yet comfortable pencil skirt. It’s fully lined with a stretchy, crepe remnant from the stash.
I’ve got some more spots on the go (this time, a top), along with another (spot-free) skirt. Stay tuned…