My Lily

Here’s my sleeveless version of the Lily Linen Dress. I made it up in size XS and Como Black Out, a not-quite-black-but-very-close-to-it, washed and charcoal-y kind of black. It’s gorgeous, and made up perfectly.

I made no alterations to the pattern other than shortening the length by 5cm. For the armhole binding, I just cut two more pieces of the neckline bias piece provided with the pattern.

As Colette mentioned in this earlier post, we had the good fortune to enjoy one of those weekends where your cup runneth over on every
level. And, in amongst all the other good stuff, we sewed and watched
three versions of the Lily make their way from fabric to form. Alison made hers with longer sleeves and Suzie graded hers up a size, shortening the back by 4cm, added a 4cm downward sloping bust dart. She also did her neck binding on the outside.

I’m anticipating that Lily and I will be spending a LOT of time together this summer. Melbourne weather, consider that a formal request for some sunshine of the warming variety.