Pattern Review: Vogue 8759 Men’s Shirt

I received this lovely email from Rosalie last week:

Hello everyone at my most favourite fabric shop,

I have been creating madly in my new sewing room and I want to share my latest project. I have sewn for many years but had never tackled a man’s shirt, but this fabric Vintage Jag Collection, needed to be made as a shirt. 

I used Vogue 8759 and I found the instructions easy to follow and I am really happy with the result. I would move the button placement slightly and maybe use a topstitching thread for the welted seam treatment but apart from those minor things the pattern fits really well and the shirt looks great on Stephen. Really very happy with the result.

Now what’s next, more shirts or perhaps a enzyme washed linen shift for the hot days in the coming week.

Loving my holidays, loving the fabulous sewing room that I have waited a lifetime for, loving life really, what more could I want.

Cheers Rosalie

I’d be loving that sewing room too! Stephen looks great in his new shirt and gets top marks for creating this sewing space for you.