Swimwear, meet leggings. Leggings, meet swimwear.


Intending to have a crack at sewing up some swimwear, I bought some of this fabric with the intention of overcoming my fear of sewing lycra. That plan was thwarted by the girl child and step daughter falling hard for the fabric that is Neon Stretch.

Using this neat little tutorial, I traced a pair of each of the girls’ leggings in their respective sizes and had these sewn up in a couple of hours. Because I didn’t want them to look exactly the same, I cut each pair on opposing grainlines – being swimwear, it’s a two-way stretch. They love them, and for kids, nylon/lycra is really a great fabric choice for leggings. They’re infinitely more durable and don’t bag and seat like cotton versions often do.

And the available colour and print choices are pretty cool too.