The Craft Sessions. And Quilt Perfection.

Have you heard about the The Craft Sessions? Their website introduces it as…

“…a weekend retreat of creative workshops, delicious food, quiet moments and inspiring people. It is an opportunity
to play and learn, to talk and share ideas. It’s about coming together and
sharing a love of ‘making’, appreciating the beauty in the smaller things, and
delighting in the pleasure and simplicity of all things handmade.”

This weekend retreat will feature an array of workshops hosted by an outstanding bunch of talented teachers that I regularly take my (virtual and hypothetical) hat off to. Felicia, creator of The Craft Sessions, is a Tessuti regular and it’s been exciting and inspiring to both hear and see her dream take shape into reality. Go check out that website and do follow her blog. She’s a good one. Not to mention extremely talented and with a crafting ethic that I both love and admire. If you haven’t already spied Felicia’s quilt on your blog/Pinterest/Instagram/Facebook rounds, here’s a visual treat for you…

By her reckoning, it’s perfectly imperfect. By my reckoning, it’s pure perfection. The top fabric is a single piece of our (now sold out) linen, Blue Scratching, and if you love this look take a peek at our new lightly coated printed linens in indigo, ash and smoke). Felicia writes that she “wanted super simple but without too much quilting as I still wanted the
linen to be able to move and wrinkle. Nothing better than wrinkled
linen.” Ah, a woman after my own heart.

Thanks for letting us share Fel.