‘Tis the season for linen-love

Judith’s been hanging out with some more linen and lookie what she’s made…

Don’t ask me how she did it but according to the maker herself, the above top – made in Night Stripe D’Ville – came together with a mere ONE metre of fabric! As I mentioned in my first post about Judith, this version is also free-formed and based on a tried-and-true style that she loves. I am very much adoring the sleeves and their variation in stripe.


And here’s another gorgeous top emulating a similar style. This version was created around the beautiful embroidered fabric that was originally made up in a long-ago gifted skirt from her late Mum and purchased in Thailand. The skirt no longer fit Judith and was way too special and gorgeous to throw away, so she cut it up and refashioned it into this beauty. The plain, loose weave linen is our Vintage Look and it provided the perfect colour and composition match for the coloured fabric.

And that necklace? It also belonged to Judith’s Mum and is actually the teeniest, most beautiful belt I’ve ever seen.