Pattern Review – Style 3863 full circle skirt

I have fallen hard for the big skirt. And I mean BIG. The one that is full and swirly and voluminous and classic.

I scored this full circle skirt pattern – Style 3863 – at an op shop forever ago. Like this pattern, it was published in the 80s and is another decent testament to a fashion decade that generally makes me chuckle or cringe or both. But has the circle skirt every really gone out of fashion? Aside from the hem length, me thinks ‘no’. And now I get why.

The fabric is Ice Cube Blue – a mid-weight linen/viscose blend with a teeny, tiny check. It’s also available in red (limited quantity only) at Surry Hills and Melbourne.

I originally aimed for mid-calf length (which required me to lengthen the pattern….or so I thought…) but ended up with ankle length. That look was just an all over NO so I had to cut off the 7cm that I’d added and ended up at a much happier length for me and my height. After allowing the skirt to hang for a couple of days there was some alarming unevenness in the hem so I followed Gertie’s simple tip for marking the length evenly and it worked perfectly. There is a delicious weight to this skirt and I love how it moves, feels and falls.

I’ll be back soon with a blog post about that top.