Classic Mandy Stripes

These two Mandy‘s that I made back in 2013? They’re still going strong and still worn often. The Mandy is very much the top I like to wear when I don’t want to think about the top I’m going to wear and ticks those TNT sewing boxes that are Quick. Comfy. Eaaaasy.

And because I will always covet the perfect stripe, I went straight in for our Japanese
Mimasu Wide Line cotton jersey when it arrived recently with this range.
I made a couple of small, simple modifications. These included lengthening the arms by 10cm and taking 7cm from the centre of both front and backs. It’s a very boxy style so if you are going to take out as much as I did from the width, make sure you can still get it over your head. I also cropped the length from the original pattern too.