Pattern Review – Vintage Style 1652

Vintage Pattern Hunting…that’s a legitimate hobby, right? These days, I buy more of those than of the currently-in-print variety. It may be a throwback to my former occupation as a picture researcher but I really do love the whole vintage pattern finding journey – the online browsing, the journey through all the eras and endless styles, the artwork and – ultimately – the thrill of the find.
I’d long been thinking about making a v-neck, bell sleeved dress and when I found this – Style 1652 – late last year, it was my pattern wish come true. I’ve made more than a few Style patterns over the years so I’m pretty comfortable with the sizing, but I still decided to toile the bodice just to be on the safe side. During that process, I stretched out the fabric along the v-neck so when it came to making my final version I used Vilene tearaway along the neckline and around the waistband. Worked a treat.

The fabric I chose was our silk crepe de chine, Walking the Jungle which sadly sold out just after I Instagrammed it three weeks ago.

To give the fabric a bit more life and body, I block fused all the pieces using our lightweight interfacing – BVM 40. The very merit of doing this can be seen in just how nicely the skirt and sleeves fall.

One of the great side benefits of a busy print like this one is that it does actually hide a multitude of sewing sins. Like so many vintage patterns, there was a ridiculous amount of sleeve ease so there are a couple of little gathers in that sleeve head. The apex of that shaped waistband should really be pointed but mine’s more curved and, due to over-fitting, there’s a bit of pull across the front shoulders.
Nothing I’m going to stress or un-pick over and a few sewing lessons learnt for the next one I make.