Style Arc :: Josie Hoodie

Summer or winter sewing? I’m WAY more partial to summer sewing because when it comes to winter clothing, all I covet are warm knits. Give me bulky, chunky, can’t-feel-the-cold kind. I’ve dabbled in knitting but beyond a couple of scarves, it’s never pulled me in. That might change one day, but for now my crafty heart lies loyal to the sewing machine.

About four years ago, I bought this length of Japanese lightweight boiled wool and while searching for the perfect pattern, it served me very well as THE scarf of champions. Better than lying idle in the stash, no? Given its incarnation as pure cozy, this year I decided to make it up into the cosiest of jumpers. Enter Style Arc’s Josie Hoodie.

This pattern marks my first ever Style Arc sew. I had heard/read their instructions were on the sparse side and this I can confirm. That being said, it’s a very straight-forward sew so if you classify yourself as an advanced beginner and beyond, you’ll be AOK. The only step I would (and did) add to the construction would be to edgestitch your hood and hem facings.

I’m not a huge wearer of the hood but I really, really love the funnel extension of this design which keeps the neck nice and toasty. Scarf substitute for the win.

I also love the slim fit of those sleeves and the shoulder darts are placement perfect. I did shorten the sleeve length by around 2 inches (5cm). I debated whether or not to shorten the overall body length – it does run long for shorter folk like me (5′ 3″) – but I have worn it with leggings so high five for that butt coverage!

The other totally optional feature is the drawstring which I decided to include so I can also wear it like this…

I so wish I could link you to the lovely fabric I made this in but, sadly, it’s looooong gone now. That said, we’ve got some other totally gorgeous options you could make this up in…

Deep Navy Jersey

Stone Grey Jersey

Sarti Song

Sarti Mute

As we announced yesterday on Instagram, Colette and I have decided – for the first time – to take part in Me Made May 17. I’ll put money on the fact that this hoodie will feature quite heavily in my outfits this month. So far, it’s shaping up to be a very excellent cold-day go-to.