My Leni Top. The shiny one.

Meet my third Leni Top and, by far, the fanciest. This one came about after receiving the party invitation that read “Glitter encouraged, not essential”. This party wasn’t a formal affair, just a fun one, so I didn’t want to go all out and make a fancy dress that I’d probably never wear again.

My other two Leni Tops – a black one and a white one – get worn a LOT, so for this occasion it just felt like the perfect pattern option for this delicious fabric I’d been coveting – Day Running River. Plus, it has excellent dress up/down options.

The coated (right) face of this fabric is scratchy so I used the softer reverse for my armhole bindings. You could also, if you prefer, do that for the the back and front yoke facings (which I didn’t).

Because of it’s reflective qualities, this fabric was a bugger to photograph and often came off looking lighter or darker than it actually is. It’s definitely closest in shade to the image below, and if you’d prefer a darker, almost-black shade, we also carry Night Running River.

So there you go…a dressy Leni. For party purposes. Or not. Either way, glitter feels good. Get on it.