My Ultimate (Tartan) Trousers

Pants, man. I’ve touched on this before and how my default cold day choice are my beloved jeans which, by the end of winter, aren’t so beloved any more. That meant a new pair of pants were on the sewing list but, as it goes, it took me some sweet time to decide on both fabric and style. And then I spied a particularly cool twenty-something in a local cafe wearing skinny tartan pants and, with that winning combination of solid 80s childhood memories and sartorial envy, my mind was made.

After the requisite pattern research (but really just Pinterest and hashtag surfing on Instagram), I decided to try Sew Over It’s Utimate Trousers. While my inner 80s teen self would have loved to make them up in this Stewart Tartan, my outer 40s actual self successfully talked me out of that and into this one – Blackwatch Tartan. Being viscose/poly, it’s not a heavy fabric so I can totally see these being perfect for trans-seasonal wear. Right now, I’m wearing them with all my jumpers but come spring, they’ll transition nicely with a whole heap of tops and shirts.

I sewed a UK 8 straight out of the packet and the fit is absolutely spot on. They are definitely fitted and definitely not stretchy (the pattern suggests ‘a small amount of stretch (around 3%) will make for an extra comfy fit’) so there were a few tentative trials in sitting/bending/squatting. But they passed, and after a few wears the fabric has relaxed perfectly and without any of the dreaded bagging/sagging.

This was my first Sew Over It make and I’m giving it all the stars, points and kudos. With a side invisible zip and facing, it’s a nice, easy sew and the instructions were clear and concise. The pattern also provides an option to make shorts. Their range is available in both hardcopy and PDF print-at-home/copyshop format so, with the latter option at hand, I had this purchased, printed and sewn all on the same day. Naming a pattern as ‘Ultimate Trousers’ is a pretty bold move but this pattern totally lives up to the moniker. And I get to re-live my 80s tartan pant days, but this time on a somewhat more conservative level. I even had an eerily similar pair of patent loafers that I wore with white socks. Sound familiar? Anyone?

What about you? Have you tartan-ed before and will you tartan again?