Vintage Vogue 2429…and all the choices

I’ve touched on my love of vintage patterns many times. No. Make that many, MANY times. My collection has arrived at that impressive point where I have so many that I usually forget what’s in there, so it always a throws up a few nice surprises (also a few head-scratchers…) when I dig in. As it often goes, a wedding invitation had me flicking through the stash and I rediscovered this one – vintage Vogue 2429

I brought it on Etsy around four years ago and, being a Vogue Basic Design pattern, it comes in one of those larger format envelopes so it ended up right at the back of my pattern stash. Basically, I completely forgot about it. It was a winter wedding and I’d been admiring a few similar RTW styles so the decision  was made.

The beauty of this pattern is not only in the design but in ALL THE CHOICES it gives you. I was fairly and squarely set on those magnificent bell sleeves but look at those other glorious options. Skirt length…maxi, midi or knee? Neck line…high, scoop or V? And pants, people! How cute are they?! I did a call out on Instagram for decision-making assistance and the response was wide and varied but, as a few of you observant folk mentioned, I couldn’t really go wrong with any of them. And whilst I do love me a good v-neck, this was a winter wedding so a combination of your advice and seasonal practicality won out – high neck and midi length it was.

My fabric is a 100% viscose crepe endearingly called Dear Dot. It comes in two colourways – mine’s the black with burgundy spots and there’s also red with a black spot. It’s not online but they’re both still available in all stores (if you’re interested, call or email us –

It was a pretty straight-forward sew and the only change I made was to swap the neckline facings for a full, self-lined bodice.

The one major issue I had was with the bodice which ended up being too roomy, despite the empire waistline fit being spot on. I ended up doing a very quick fix by taking a bit off the sides, but mostly all in the back centre seam along the zip line which resulted in some pulling in the shoulders. It’s not perfect but that’ll happen when you finish a dress without a toile and on the day you have to wear it! I have plans for a summer v-neck version in a cotton or linen so I’ll sort that issue out then. But for now, I’ve ended up with a dress that I really, really love. It ticked all the good wedding boxes, comfortably allowing for a full belly, lots of dancing and I’ve already had some good work wear out of it too.