The Brumby Skirt

Meet the skirt that’s been a solid four months in the making. It was actually finished, even worn, last October before I decided to make a minor adjustment which relegated it to the alteration pile. In my world, the alteration pile can be a place where clothes go to die. Ok, exaggeration. More of a place where clothes go to get forgotten…for a really, really, REALLY long time.  But – happy ending – this skirt made it out to the other side and I’m very glad it did.

The pattern is Megan Nielsen’s Brumby Skirt. It’s simple and lovely but how about those pockets!? Let’s all give them a round of applause because they’re actually the very thing that pocket dreams are made of. The waistband for this pattern is contoured and I’m pretty sure that somewhere along the sewing way, I mucked something up. You can see in this photo below that the top edge started to stretch out which made me think I might have cut it slightly off grain. In any case, after a few wears I decided that 1) it would definitely need to be replaced and 2) I didn’t love the wide waistband.

To (eventually) fix this, I removed the centre back zip and closed up the seam. I then cut a narrower waistband and added an extra third of fabric to the back waistband. In this, I encased a width of elastic and basically turned it into an easy slip on/off dress. Super comfy.

All up it took me just over an hour to fix which then resulted in me having an intense session with my alteration pile which then resulted in me feeling pretty virtuous. New skirt equals productive day equals happy Lisa.

The fabric is our Ring Around Jacquard linen in this gorgeous rust colour way. There’s a little bit of magic in this fabric because, depending on the light, the spots can appear obvious or super subtle.

In all these photos I’m wearing my Coni Tunic cropped as a top and made up in our Granite Crinkle linen.