UPDATED Tokyo Jacket Pattern

In 2013 we released our Tokyo Jacket pattern with a lot of love and just a little fanfare. There was a blog post, an email and that was about it. Back then we were pretty green around the social media gills and we didn’t even shout out the release on Instagram. Oh the horror!

This pattern has alway been a favourite of ours but with the less-than-average imagery of our first attempt, we knew we’d never really given the pattern the justice it deserved. So for a really long time we’ve been meaning to update the instructions and re-photograph all of it. The decision to finally do it lead to some minor design tweaks and now, six years later, we can FINALLY introduce to our Tokyo Jacket (mark II).

So what’s new? We’ve made the instructions more comprehensive and improved the accompanying  step-by-step photos. Design wise, we’ve removed the centre back seam which eliminates some of the swing that featured in our original design. And for more functionality we’ve made the pockets a little deeper.

Most importantly, we’ve extended the sizing up to 22. The pattern is sold in two separate size ranges – sizes 6-16 and sizes 16-22 – so if purchasing, be sure to select your correct sizing.

Colette’s wearing her Tokyo Jacket (above) made up in EU Natural Sand linen and (below) in our Nero Motiv wool crepe. For this pattern we recommend drapey fabrics such as viscose, polyester crepe, wool crepe, linen and medium weight silk.

My version (below) is made up in Grey Skies. It’s pure wool. Also pure heaven.

The Tokyo Jacket comes in two (Australian) size ranges  – Size 6-16 and Sizes 16-22 – and is now available in both hardcopy and PDF copy shop/print-at-home versions.