Sewing the Florence Coat in woven fabrics

Last month we released our Florence Coat pattern. The pattern is designed for non-fraying fabrics such as boiled wools, but we have so many excellent coatings in this year we decided to try it in a woven. And here’s the happy result that we wanted to share with you.

We’ve now create a PDF extension pack that includes a new set of instructions specifically for wovens. We’ve also created a separate download link which you will receive when you order the Florence Coat. You’ll need to make some small adjustments to the existing pattern which include adding length to the front, back and facing pieces as well as printing (at-home only) some extra pattern pieces (4 pages) for the pockets and pocket lining. You’ll also need to allow for an extra 20cm in fabric meterage and some extra notions.

This sample has been made up in our wool blend boucle, Fancy Big Red.

If you’ve already purchased the Florence Coat pattern and would like to access the woven instructions and pocket pattern pieces, you can download them here.