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Congratulations to the following prize winners in our 2020 Knots and Crosses Sewing Competition!

First Prize goes to Danellia in her incredible patchwork shirt. Comprising no less than one hundred and fifty nine pattern pieces (!!), the garment combines three of the competition fabrics to brilliant effect. There is so much originality and creativity in this design. It’s not only a very wearable garment but a work of art too. Congratulations Danellia!

Second Place goes to Meridy with her stunning jacket. Modifying a 2009 Burda pattern, she used a combination of both Knots and Crosses in Denim Blue.

There are so many beautiful details that we love in this timeless piece. The epaulets, the self-covered belt and buttons, the pocket pleats and those structured sleeves finished with a cuff. The fit is fabulous and it has such wearability. For her submission photos, Meridy paired it with her second entry, a self-drafted bias skirt, and it looks so good. But we can also see this jacket working perfectly with so many garments from jeans through to dresses, making this a truly versatile item.

Third Place goes to Minnie with her dreamy wrap gown. Using predominantly the Natural Crosses fabric, Minnie finished her garment with some beautiful and clever detailing including an intricate weaving, using Citrine Knots, to create a striking shoulder and sleeve feature. We love the fullness in the gathered wrists of those beautiful sleeves which completes the romantic look to perfection. Congratulations Minnie!

And because we had so many extraordinary entries and the decision was incredibly difficult, we decided to round out the competition with a Top 10 who will each win a $100 Tessuti voucher. Places Four to Ten, in no particular order, are:


Congratulation to all our entrants. We LOVE seeing the vastness of creativity, the amplitude of designs and the passion that you all have for sewing. What a beautiful, magical, inspiring thing it is to see what you can all create with the same kind of fabric!

All the entries can be viewed here and if you’re feeling inspired, we still have a limited selection of some competition fabrics available here. Entrant or follower, thanks for following along and joining the fun.