Sadie Slip Nightie with scalloped lace

We’ve all got our pyjama preferences and mine has always been the nightie. With the arrival of our latest Liberty Fabrics, I thought it was high time I shared this simple tutorial on how to add a scalloped lace edging to a shortened version of our Sadie Slip Dress.

Depending on your size and nightie length, you’ll need 2.70-3.60m of scalloped lace edging. When adding a lace edging to the neckline, the front/back facings are omitted. I also added back darts (see Sadie’s Step 5 instructions) for more shaping as cotton lawn has less give on the bias grain than a linen or silk.

To start off, pin and sew the Vilene tear-away shields (approx 1/8″) to front and back neckline edge on wrong side of fabric, close to the edge. This helps to secure the neckline and prevents it from stretching.

 As per the instructions, join the side seams and then prepare and attach shoulder straps.

Next we’ll attach the lace. The scalloped lace edging (I used this one – also available in white) is measured around the neckline and hem edge of your Sadie Slip and the ends are then joined together by hand stitching. When pinning the lace to neckline and hem edge, line up the shorter peak of your scalloped lace with the raw edge of neckline and hem.

To change the direction towards armhole and back, pleat/fold the scalloped lace at peak of front. Place join in lace at side seam of slip.

Using a zig zag setting on machine, sew the lace in place. Your stitch length should be approximately 1.8-2 and stitch width 4. Zig zag around the inside scalloped edge of lace. To change the direction when pivoting at lace peaks, lift the machine foot keeping the needle down in your work.

Here’s how the stitching will look on the wrong side.

Tear away your Vilene shields at the neckline.

At the hem and neckline, carefully trim the fabric 1/4″ away from zig zag stitch line.

To finish, connect the top of lace at neckline peak to strap, pin in place and secure in place by sewing across strap a few times to keep it nice and secure.

And that’s it! Not only is this lovely to wear but it also makes a gorgeous gift too. And if a two piece is more your sleepwear thing, you can pair our Camilla Camisole with Robbie Pants-to-shorts for this cute set.

The Liberty I used here is our Star Anise Pink and you can view the full Liberty range here.