The Aura Skirt By Papercut Pattens

Ahhhh, Me Made May – the great revealer of both wardrobe favourites and wardrobe gaps. This last May gone, after reaching for pants and jeans almost every other day, I resolved to sew a few more bottoms to add to what feels like no shortage of tops.

Image source: Papercut Patterns

Enter my first Papercut Pattern, the Aura Skirt. It’s a classic, fitted wrap skirt but a few simple details that make it a little bit more than your classic fitted wrap skirt. First of all, that design curve in the front wrap piece that leads up and over the hip. LOVE that.

And then there’s the generous waist tie which feeds through two back belt loops, giving great options to tie at front, back, side, wherever.

I’d originally planned on making my Aura in this linen but then became thoroughly distracted by a shiny, new designer-end arrival. Being distracted by both new fabric and the slide into winter, I figured it was a better trans-seasonal option, and I do love a piece of clothing that takes you across all the seasons. The fabric is our Block Check Mustard (UPDATE – now sold out) and, although it looks and feels like a lightweight wool flannel (read: soooooooft), it’s actually a 52% cotton 48% silk noil. Fabric magic.

I really, really love a pattern that offers an online tutorial to supplement the written instructions (which are presented beautifully!) and this one does. It’s nicely reassuring and extra clarifying for those moments when you read a step, over and over, and it doesn’t quite click. By and large, the pattern is super-straightforward and the only bit which – for me – called for a bit more concentration and close consultation of aforementioned online tutorial is where you create the opening for the waist tie. Here’s where I’ll insert a fabric tip – don’t go for anything too bulky because there’s a pretty narrow turn through that happens here.

I made a size 3 with no adjustments and the length was just where I wanted it to be (I’m 5’3″/160cm). Also worth mentioning, the pattern gives an option for a gorgeous dress as well.

It’s versatile, this Aura Skirt. I’ve worn it with both fitted and loose turtlenecks, heels and sneakers, a denim jacket, and I can see it pairing with a black blazer as well. Once I’d finished making the skirt I realised I didn’t have a plain black tee to wear with it. I found this (free!) Stellan Tee from French Navy Patterns which was exactly the slim and boxy style I was looking for. I made it up in our Nametag Charcoal viscose/elastane (other colours here).

It’s a shade back from black and works a treat with this skirt, as well as just about every other pair of pants and jeans in my wardrobe. Consider my wardrobe gap now a little more closed, but always with room to sew more…