Building basics: Style 3296 wrap skirt

One piece that I’ve worn a lot since making it last year is the Aura Skirt (blogged here) from Papercut Patterns. It’s served me really well as both a trans-seasonal piece and something that easily shifts between being slightly dressier, work appropriate or everyday casual. On that tried-and-tested basis, I figured another wrap skirt would be pretty handy to have in the wardrobe.

I found this Style 3296 pattern on Etsy, originally published in 1971 (birthday year BONUS!). It’s same-same-but-different-enough to my Aura Skirt and with all the simplicity that I had in mind. Also, extra love for that cute three button detail as the wrap closure. I chose our Havana Line Denim, a medium weight denim that has enough structure to maintain the A-line shape of the design. To break up the repetitiveness of all those fine lines, I cut the front left on the cross.

When it was all made and done, I felt like it was missing something so I added a single patch pocket because phone/dog treats/masks/handy. As it turns out, the pocket also nicely complements and gives balance to the horizontal stripes on the opposite which was a happy accident.

Worn with this white t-shirt, the whole outfit feels really fresh and spring-y. That said, and like my Aura Skirt, I still feel like this will get some great wear across all the other seasons too. It works with a jumper, blazer, shirt, tank, sandals, sneakers, heels…so yes, definitely versatile.

This piece feels like the skirt equivalent of a pair of jeans. I like how ‘easy’ it is, which is just what I was aspiring to in the planning stage.

On its very first outing, I had someone very kindly complement my skirt before asking ask me where I bought it from. Why thanks, I made it.