New Menorca Crinkle linens (and sewing tips too)

New season means new fabrics! With our southern hemisphere spring so close we can smell it, here come all the lovely, light and colourful new arrivals.

This week, we’re releasing our Menorca Check crinkle linen range. We’ve long, loooong, looooooooong been a fan of crinkle linens so finding these beauties was definitely a ‘hit-the-jackpot’ moment. They’re available in three colourways (L-R) – SunsetTurquoise & Aqua.

Menorca Sunset

Menorca Aqua

Menorca Turquoise

Colette used Menorca Sunset crinkle linen to make a modified Vali Top (from Pattern Fantastique), reducing the ‘V’ at the neck, straightening the side seams and removing the ties. This make got all the summer holiday ticks in what was some very warm waeather.

Speaking of holiday, crinkle linen makes for truly excellent holiday wardrobe wear. Here’s a great holiday tip for both crinkle and regular linens. Pack a spray bottle in your luggage and to freshen up your linen pieces, lay them on a flat surface and give them a light spritz. Brush your hands down your garment to flatten and soften the creases and crinkles. Do this the night before you plan on wearing your garment, hang it to dry overnight and in the morning, you’ll have a lovely relaxed look to your garment.

We love crinkle linen for loose-fitting dresses, skirts, breezy tops, caftans, skirts, scarves and wraps, as well as our Tosca TunicConi Tunic, Silva Shirt Jacket, Helga Shirt, Ola Tunic, Athina Top and Eva Dress patterns.

When it comes to sewing with crinkle linen, we’re frequently asked for sewing tips and tricks so here are a few that we recommend when using this fabulously textured fibre. Most importantly – don’t pre-wash and don’t press before cutting out your pattern. The texture of crinkle linen tightens after a wash and this will affect the sizing of your garment. The beauty of this fabric is that it reacts to the warmth of your body and relaxes as you wear it. After making and washing, hang your garment to dry to re-invigorate the crinkle. You can also give it a very light steam to loosen the texture.

This really is one fine summer fabric! You can shop the Menorca range and all our crinkle linens online.