Patch Your Stash – Surry Hills Sewing Class

If you’re based in Sydney and looking to de-stash your scraps, check out the latest addition to our Sydney sewing class timetable!  Patch Your Stash is a two day sewing workshop run by Frances who’s been sewing since she was in her teens. She loves to make her own clothes and get creative with the fabrics that she uses for her garments – who says you can’t use a tablecloth for a dress? She has way too much green fabric and loves sewing with bias binding. Frances has her bachelors and honours in Fashion Design and Textiles from UTS and has industry experience in fashion. She is currently undertaking her PhD in fashion and teaches second year fashion theory at UTS. You may also have spotted her working behind the counter at Tessuti for the last few years!

Over two days you’ll make a patchwork fabric out of extra fabric from home, or small pieces of remnant fabric, and then cut and sew a garment from this patchwork. Learn how to combine fabrics together in interesting patterns, fabric placement, and how to sew with a complex patchwork. Using scraps of fabric from old sewing projects and clothes is great for the environment and is such a fun way to re-imagine fabric and create an entirely unique garment. Plus, if you’re a sewer with a big stash, it’s a great way to get rid of pesky remnants. You’re welcome to use any pattern for the garment, however it is recommended that you choose simple designs with not too many elements – gathered dresses (e.g our Felicia Pinafore Dress), simple tops, elasticated skirts and loose, elastic-waist pants. Using a pattern you have used before, or that you are not too worried about the fit of, is ideal.

Please note that the combination of fabrics is important! All fabrics should be woven and of a similar weight. Mixing light and heavy fabrics together will make the construction and fit of the garment difficult. Make sure to bring enough fabric to patch together to make your garment and give yourself options to design the perfect patchwork. Don’t have a fabric stash at home? You can bring in old clothes to cut up and sew together, household fabric like curtains from op shops, or even buy 20cm strips of fabric to cut up and piece together. The options are endless!

– Bring your pattern of choice, and scrap fabric to class. If fabric pieces are irregular shapes it is recommended to pre-cut them into squares, triangles or rectangles
– You will spend the class sewing these scraps into a patchwork and learning the optimal way to cut your garment
– Any patchworking or cutting not completed in this class should be completed at home before starting the next class!

– Finish of any extra sewing, then cut your garment at home and bring in for Class 2
– You’ll spend the class sewing together your garment and adding any final touches
– Voila! Your unique stash garment is complete!

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