Online Fabric Shop – Version Two

We’ve had a fantastic response to the Tessuti Online Fabric Shop, we’re now pleased to announce a few improvements to the website.

From our web designer, Ken…

…Apart from making some minor visual design tweaks, we’ve also added the ability to narrow down the search for fabrics by the use of “Tags”. As the amount of fabrics grow this will make it much easier to find a particular fabric type or quality.

The feedback from Tessuti’s customers has been great and we’ve taken it all into consideration when creating the latest version of the online shop. Dropping the unit pricing from one metre to a quarter metre. Removing the confusion of prices being in US dollars (all prices are now in Australian dollars). The ability to add more than two photos per fabric.

The reaction from Tessuti’s customers in such a short time has been greater than even we expected, which I’m sure is more a reflection of the quality of the fabric and the Tessuti brand. I look forward to seeing the response to the new Tessuti Online Shop.

Thanks to Ken, for all his wonderful effort! We’d love everyone to check it out and let us know what you think.