Vintage Pattern – Style 2656 Silk Satin Robe

Ever had a length of lovely fabric sitting in your stash for years and years on end? I’ve had a 3mtr piece of this beautiful printed silk satin approx 8-10 years (maybe more)! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve pulled it out to look, admire, contemplate a style for it only to put it back in my stash. I really love this print and colourway, but could never visualise the right garment to make it up in.
I picked up this vintage 1980’s Style 2656 pattern at a local Vinnies store for $2 a few months ago, not for this silk in particular but I had thought a summer weight robe would be great to make up some day. Then it dawned on me…finally! I now have a luxurious silk satin robe to lounge around at home in and  feel seriously satisfied! 
The only alteration I made to this pattern was that I shortened the length by 9″ (23cm) and widened the feature front and sleeve bands width to finish 2 1/2″ (approx 6cm).