Vogue 1128 in Static Vision

– I hope – is a warming post for those of us entering the final month
of what has felt like a long, bitter winter. Spring? Bring it. I also
hope it’s equally inspiring for our Northern readers preparing their
sewing wishlist for the coming colder climes. Melbourne staff member
Trish has made up this gorgeous coat in what has, hands down, been one
of our bestsellers this winter – Alexander McQueen’s Static Vision. The pattern is Vogue 1128 (Anne Klein).

I’d link to it, but it’s OOP and no longer available on the Vogue Patterns website. That said, Trish did pick it up quite recently so you may still be able to find it at your local pattern-selling store.

coat is beautifully lined in a red viscose/acetate (available in
Melbourne), providing a gorgeous colour pop. On the recommendation of
Rachael, a Melbourne regular and Vogue 1128 veteran, she added this
pleat detail to the cuffs which were super-wide without.
They also perfectly complement the pleat details on the back of the

only other pattern changes that Trish made were to eliminate the
pockets and a pleat intended for  the back of the hem. And while we’re
on this fabric, check out Amber’s version of our New York Cape