Otga – Winner of the 2012 Tessuti Awards

As the final closing date to this year’s Tessuti Awards draws near, we wanted to feature our most recent winner – Otga Hasbold. Otga took out first prize in last year’s comp and, like 2011 winner Julia, had only recently taken up sewing. In fact, when she won she had actually been sewing for less than a year! I kid you not. Otga fell head over heels in love with sewing and began pattern-making classes not long after. I vividly remember the first time she came into our store wanting to make her first item of clothing – a ponte, tube skirt – and then before long she’s walking in wearing all of these extraordinarily stylish, self-made garments. Otga recently relocated overseas but before she left she was kind enough to email us about her experience with the Tessuti Awards:

I really appreciate that you are launching the Tessuti Award for
2013. Because this competition gives a real encouragement to the people
who have a joy of sewing and an opportunity  to develop their
creativity.  Honestly, it was a challenge for a novice sewer like me.
However it gave me the confidence and self assurance of willing to
change my career. 

l sew almost every day with a
great pleasure. Since the competition I was asked a several dress
making requests from my friend and my blog followers. At the moment I’m
doing three bridesmaid dresses.  I’d be happy if you see my creations on my
blog: otgahasbold.blogspot.com.
I’m definitely changing my career in the fashion and textile industry and
eventually I’ll have my own business in the next few years. It seems a really
big challenge yet I always think that life is a daring adventure.

like to say to everybody who considering to enter the 2013 Tessuti
Award:  just do it and it’s a great opportunity. Don’t let it slip
Thanks Otga. And don’t forget our comp closes in just two days times. The entries are FLYING in now!