My Tokyo Jacket – Take 2


Here’s my latest Tokyo Jacket. This one’s a more summer-ier (word? should be), casual alternative to my first silk version. And the colour is there in spades – most unlike me and my usual black-clad self, I know. 


There’s not a whole lot to say about this version other than to let you know I omitted the pockets to speed up the sewing process. This was one of those projects I’d sewn up in my head months ago (damn one gets stuff done quickly in that part of the brain) and by the time I actually got around to buying the fabric, I just wanted to get it finished NOW!

There’s a wee bit of this deliciously light, drapey Orange Pom Pom (100% viscose) left at Surry Hills, and it also comes in pink colourway (available all stores).