Natasha – Winner of the 2008 Tessuti Awards

By now most of you all probably/maybe/definitely that last week we launched the 2013 Tessuti Awards. Hard to believe but this year will mark the seventh year of the Awards and it feels like we’ve come a very, very long way since the inaugural (and small!) event held in our Surry Hills store.

In discussions held in the lead up to our launch, we thought it would be fun to touch base with previous winners and see what they’ve been up to since taking home the major prize. If you’re not sure about entering, we hope that these ladies will inspire you to give it a go. This week, we’re talking to Natasha Dwyer who won the Little Black Dress category in 2008. Was it really FIVE years ago….?!

What have you been up to since you won the Tessuti Awards?

have not stopped designing and creating since winning the award- I
absolutely love all areas of design, it brings me so much joy. I have now divided my fashion label in two. Arthur Ave is a stunning children’s wear label with a range that displays beautifully embellished garments and exceptional quality. With over 100 stockists across Australia and on line, it keeps me super busy.

My other passion is my ladies couture label. Natasha Dwyer
is reserved for my ladies couture pieces and I love to make unique one-off
creations that spark the imagination and push boundaries. Under this
name I have created gowns for Miss Universe entrant Jesinta Campbell, our Olympic cyclist Anna Meares and I even made NRL player Paul Gallen’s partner’s wedding dress to name just a few. is on its way!

Did winning the Tessuti Awards change your career or personal life in any way?
Winning the Tessuti award was a real high for me. It was a great honor and
gave me confidence to take the next step towards my goal of being a top
Australian designer. It defiantly nourished my dream and told me I was
heading in the right direction.

What words of encouragement would you give to anyone considering entering the 2013 Tessuti Awards?
I could give anyone words of encouragement they would be to dream big, be
true to your self in your work and love the journey. Sometimes the stories
that come out of the journey are the best part (even if you’re crying
over fabric, you always look back and laugh). Also, love what you do!!

Thanks for getting in touch Natasha and best of luck with your continuing design career!